Installation and System Requirements

You should be running Windows NT 4.0/2000 or higher and IIS 4.0 or higher with ASP enabled; or Windows 95/98/ME with equivalent version of PWS or higher.

Barcode/ASP v2.2 comes with a single runtime file: EASYBARO.DLL (or EASYBARO_TRIAL.DLL).

VERSIONS PRIOR TO V2.2 also have a supporting DLL - EZBAR32.DLL. Typically, EZBAR32.DLL should be copied to the WINNT/SYSTEM32 (or WINDOWS/SYSTEM on Win95/98) directory so that it can be shared; this also ensures that it can be located sucessfully in all configurations. (It's been observed that, especially on Win95/98 with PWS, simply keeping EZBAR32.DLL in the same directory as EASYBARO.DLL may not allow EZBAR32.DLL to be located successfully, causing the web server to appear to hang).
EASYBARO.DLL (or EASYBARO_TRIAL.DLL for the evaluation version) can be copied into the directory where you have your other ASP components. But it can also be any other directory, including WINNT/SYSTEM32. The important thing is that EASYBARO.DLL need to be registered with the system registry, with the REGSVR32.EXE program. To do this, after you have copied EASYBARO.DLL (along with the registration utility REGSVR32.EXE) to a permanent location, do the following in a MSDOS window:
    cd that_directoy_path
    regsvr32 EASYBARO.DLL
In addition to the runtime files, if you're using the HTML markup generation method (the GetHTML2 method), you'll also need to copy all the image files: B*.GIF, BS*.GIF, W*.GIF, BLACK.GIF, WHITE.GIF and the EZBARVBX.INC file to the directory where you have the ASP files. The first two files are referenced by the generated barcode tag sequence, and the last one is a VBScript include file that defines a few constants, which you can use in lieu of numeric values.

Otherwise, if you're using the dynamic image (JPEG or PNG) generation method, you can copy the BARCODE.ASP file to same directory as the HTML files that reference it, although you may also put it elsewhere (even on a different server on a different machine) as long as you use its full URL in the references.