Barcode Active Server Component (Barcode/ASP)

Barcode Active Server Component (Barcode/ASP for short) is a lightweight ActiveX component that can be used to generate barcodes, especially for Web pages. It's particularly suitable for use in scripting environments like Active Server Pages (ASP).

The simplest way of using Barcode/ASP requires no programming and your HTML page can be just any plain HTML page. You embed a barcode simply by adding a <img src="barcode.asp?..."> tag.

Barcode/ASP can generate barcodes in two ways: it can generate PNG or JPEG images dynamically, as in the above example; it can also generate a sequence of HTML <img> tags each of which represents a barcode bar or space. Barcode/ASP also allows to enumerate the barcode bar positions and widths for users to render barcodes with their own methods).

Barcode/ASP supports 25 different barcode symbologies and variants.