Code-128 C

Code-128 C is a continuous barcode. Its character set is '0' to '9' (plus special characters CODE_B and CODE_A) internally coded every two characters (digits). It has one check character (not shown as part of the display text in Barcode Control). The number of single digit characters (excluding the check character) must be even.

The special characters have the following barcode-defined native values:

	CODE_B = 100
	CODE_A = 101
When using these characters in the Data property, you must add 128 to the above native values in order to distinguish them from normal ASCII characters, i.e., use
	100 + 128 = 228 for CODE_B
	101 + 128 = 229 for CODE_A
These characters make it possible to mix Code-128 A, Code-128 B and Code-128 C characters in one barcode:
CODE_B indicates starting with the next character, Code-128 B set will be used.

CODE_A indicates starting with the next character, Code-128 A set will be used.

In the barcode figure above, there's a CODE_B between 02 and X, i.e., the 8th character has code:
	100 + 128 = 228
in the Data property. Consequently the characters starting with X are actually encoded using the Code-128 B character set.

On Windows, you can enter special characters by keeping the ALT key pressed and typing 0 followed by the character code (e.g. 228).

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