enumerateBars Method

returns an enumerator to enumerate the barcode bars.


public BarEnumerator enumerateBars(int moduleWidth)



Specifies the width of a barcode module in pixels. The width of a barcode module is the same as that of the thinnest bar. So this is effectively a scale factor for scaling the barcode; 1 will be no scaling (minimum width is used), 2 twice the minimum width, etc. The "minimum width" does not guarantee the printed barcode to be scannable, depdending on the printer resolution.


This method returns a BarEnumerator interface that has a single method on it:

public boolean nextBar(Bar bar)
To enumerate thru all the bars, you need to create a Bar instance once and for all (this is to optimize performance):
bar = new Bar();
and then keep calling nextBar(bar) until false is returned. Each nextBar(bar) call fills in the bar instance with information regarding the bar, which you can access thru the methods defined in the Bar class.

Enumerating the barcode bars allows you to render the barcode yourself should this prove necessary.