Java Barcode Image Generator (Barcode/Java)

Java Barcode Image Generator (Barcode/Java for short; formerly Barcode/JSP) is a lightweight Java component that can be used to draw barcodes or generate barcode images in PNG and JPEG formats, for both server and standalone applications. At its core, it provides the Java class com.bokai.barcodes.Barcode.

Barcode/Java supports over 50 different barcode symbologies and variants.

Used in Standalone Applications

The Java class com.bokai.barcodes.Barcode provides methods that can draw barcodes on a Graphics object. It also has methods for generating barcode images; you can generate an image in memory or save it to a file.

Used on Web Servers

When used as a server component, the simplest way of using Barcode/Java requires no programming and your HTML page can be just any plain HTML page. You embed a barcode simply by adding an HTML element, e.g.,
<img src="http://localhost/servlet/BarcodeServlet?barcodeType=EAN13&data=123456789012">

Barcode/Java comes with a servlet, BarcodeServlet.class; you can use it to dynamically generate PNG or JPEG barcode images. The various properties on the underlying Java class com.bokai.barcodes.Barcode have corresponding URL parameters that are directly supported by the servlet.

Note that Barcode/Java does not use the Java AWT by default; it does its drawing natively, so that your web server does NOT need run under X-Window on UNIX or Linux, which is a big differentiator compared with competing products.