BarTypeWidth, SpaceTypeWidth, InterCharSpace Properties

Determine the the ratio between the bar widths, space widths and inter-character gap of the barcode.


public int getBarTypeWidth(int index)
public void setBarTypeWidth(int index, int barTypeWidth)

public int getSpaceTypeWidth(int index) public void setSpceTypeWidth(int index, int spaceTypeWidth)
public int getInterCharSpace() public void setInterCharSpace(int interCharSpace)



Varies from 0 to 3, 0 corresponding to the narrowest bar or space, 3 the widest. Only Code-128 and EAN-128 types of barcodes have 4 bar/space widths, the others have less.

barTypeWidth, spaceTypeWidth, interCharWidth

Specify width values to use.


These properties are for fine-tuning purposes only. Do not change them unless you know exactly what you're doing.