PNG Samples

This sample demonstrates the use of Barcode/Java to dynamically generate barcode images in JPEG format. To do this, no programming is required and your HTML page remains in plain HTML.

To view the samples below, your browser must support PNG (e.g., Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.02)

Here's the HTML content used to generate the above images:

<img src="..../BarcodeServlet?image=1&type=6&data=123458">
<img src="..../BarcodeServlet?image=1&type=9&data=1234567&barwidth=2">
<img src="..../BarcodeServlet?image=1&type=3&data=12345678901&rotate=3">
<img src="..../BarcodeServlet?image=1&type=22&data=95020-342740&height=15">
(replace .... with the actual path.)

So you just need to use BarcodeServlet the same way you would a static image file. You pass in parameters the same way you would pass to a CGI program.