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Barcode Image Generators

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        Web application: ASP.Net or Java servlet
        Standalone desktop Java AWT application (250KB)

Bokai Barcode Image Generators can dynamically generate bar code images on the server in JPEG, PNG and GIF (on .Net) formats. They come in three editions: Windows ASP (Active Sever Pages) edition referred to as Barcode/ASP, Java edition Barcode/Java, and a Windows .Net edition Barcode .Net for the Windows .Net platform. So whether you're using Windows with IIS with ASP or ASP.Net or UNIX with any web server/app server supporting Java (e.g. Apache / Tomcat), you can use these components.

Compared to other products, our Java version Barcode/Java has the important advantage of not requiring your web server to be running under X-Window on UNIX; in fact, it does image generation using custom code instead of Java AWT.

To embed a barcode image in any of your HTML pages, no programming is required. For example, the following HTML element:

      <img src="barcode.asp?image=3&type=6&data=123458">
      <img src="/servlet/BarcodeServlet?image=3&type=6&data=123458">
would produce this barcode image:


Various properties exist for you to fine tune the barcode image with font, rotation, etc. 25 barcode types/variants are supported. Here are more samples:

produced by the following HTML markup:

      <img src="barcode.asp?image=3&type=9&data=1234567&barwidth=2">
      <img src="barcode.asp?image=3&type=3&data=12345678901&rotate=3">
      <img src="barcode.asp?image=3&type=22&data=95020-342740&height=15">
      <img src="/servlet/BarcodeServlet?image=3&type=9&data=1234567&barwidth=2">
      <img src="/servlet/BarcodeServlet?image=3&type=3&data=12345678901&rotate=3">
      <img src="/servlet/BarcodeServlet?image=3&type=22&data=95020-342740&height=15">
The above samples are generated in JPEG format. Barcode Server Components also support the PNG format:

If you are an advanced user, Barcode Server Components also allow you to obtain the positions and widths of various bars of a given barcode so that you can draw your own barcode, should you have such a need.

For more details, please read the on-line documentation: Barcode/ASP, Barcode/Java or Barcode .Net.

You can also download the trial versions.

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