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LabelGo 2.0

LabelGoLabelGo is a barcode and data label design and printing software product.

LabelGo allows you to design,

It has predefined label templates to make your label layout work as easy as choosing a number; you can also design your own label templates. It's also possible to add new label templates in bulk.

In a page, you can use,

You can apply rotation, color border or fill, pattern border or fill, to the drawings.

LabelGo has strong data formatting support, with the following formatters supported.

The currency formatter makes, e.g. price tag printing, extremely easy.

LabelGo has powerful data binding support, which allows you to link your text and barcode objects in a page to:

Click here to download LabelGo 2.0 Windows Installer file (460 kb) for a 28-day evaluation. The minimum system requirements are Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher.

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