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Online web barcode image generators: Java version
Barcode .Net, BarCode/ASP and BarCode/Java are server-side barcode image generators for .Net, Windows and Java, respectively, which dynamically generate bar code images in memory, in GIF (Barcode .Net), JPEG and PNG formats. Typical use of them requires no programming/scripting; you can embed a barcode in any HTML page by using the <IMG> tag referencing an ASPX, ASP or a Java servlet that are part of the products.
FileUpload/ASP is a server side COM component that enables file upload using standard HTML features. It provides a new enhanced ASP Form object that gives you access to uploaded content, which you can save to a file or insert into a database.

Barcode/Java is a Java component that can also be used to develop desktop Java applications (AWT or Swing), in addition to web applications. Click for a demo Java applet (250KB).
Barcode .Net is a .Net component that can also be used to develop Windows Forms applications, in addition to web applications. It inherits and improves on the strengths of both Barcode/ActiveX and BarCode/ASP.
BarCode/ActiveX is an ActiveX control that prints and generates barcode images. Very easy to use, it requires only one line of code to draw a barcode. Supports both low- and high-resolution printers. It can be used in developing applications with Visual Basic, Delphi, Microsoft Access (including reports), etc.; it can also be used directly in Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Barcode images can be generated in EMF, WMF, PNG and JPEG graphics formats.

LabelGo is a barcode and data label design and printing software product. Features include: predefined label templates; print-time parameter input; sequence numbers; data binding to SQL query; data formatting as number, text, currency, price tag; shapes and image; rotation; copy/paste/export barcode image; full international text support (Unicode); 50 barcode types; etc.
Barcode for Office is a utility software applet that generates barcode images that you can use in other applications via copy/paste or image import. It supports Automation that allows you to access its functions via scripting languages to do mail merge for example.

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